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Every moment you face prepares you for the greatest moments in your life. Those moments do not come with invitations so you must be ready when the opportunity exists. Dr. Bhrett McCabe and The MindSide not only get you ready for the moment, but prepares you to Win Every Moment you face and Dominate the End Game!


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What is the MindSide

The MindSide is a sports and performance psychology practice based in Birmingham, Alabama. At The MindSide, we work with professional, collegiate, and youth athletes across all sports on how to maximize their competitive mindset. Athletes are trained in strategy and technique, but the coaches from The MindSide focus on the importance of the mental preparation needed to perform at an elite level. Working with a mental coach will help enhance the performance of an athlete, giving them an edge on their competition.



Exploring The MindSide

Exploring The MindSide is a weekly podcast production hosted by Dr. Bhrett McCabe, focused on examining the secrets, challenges, and foundations of human performance as experienced through the lives of some of the world’s best. Each week, Dr. McCabe interviews a guest who has experienced performance success or displayed amazing resiliency in their life, a world-renowned content expert who listeners can learn from on issues relevant to their lives, or simply exploring areas of importance for life, learning, and achievement.
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