Jon McGraw

Are You Aware? with Ex-NFL Safety and Co-founder of Vision Pursue, Jon McGraw

“Striving for growth and improvement is designed to co-exist with satisfaction and contentment with what is right now.” – Jon McGraw Click To Tweet

Jon McGraw is a former NFL safety who spent time playing under the Kansas City Chiefs, the Detroit Lions, and the New York Jets. What you wouldn’t know from McGraw’s career history is the fact that he struggled with performance anxiety during his time as a professional athlete.

“Your mind can take you to some dark places.” After retiring from the NFL due to multiple concussions, McGraw was driven to learn more about how the brain is impacted by different things. This led to McGraw co-founding Vision Pursue, an organization with a mission to dramatically improve the way people experience life by improving their mindset. Throughout this episode, McCabe and McGraw dive into discussion about performance anxiety, inner fulfillment, and how the mind is different from the brain. McGraw talks about how one of the many goals of Vision Pursue is to move people to a place where they are not depending on their external circumstances to determine their internal experiences.

“We should operate from a place of fulfillment and contentment, completely satisfied with what IS, but knowing that there’s really important things that we’re on this planet to do. There’s people who are counting on us, and the things we do in life impact others.” – Jon McGraw Click To Tweet

This podcast episode touches on multiple discussion topics that athletes and performers everywhere deal with every day.

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