Take control of your competitive performance by learning how to maximize your mental game. The MindSide’s specialized programs prepare you for the winning moment by winning the mental game.


We offer the following athlete services

Start with a one hour initial appointment with The MindSide via phone, FaceTime, Skype or in-person at our office in Birmingham, AL. In this initial appointment, our practitioners will give you several specific areas to begin working on and then we will follow up to check on your progress. If you enjoy the work that we are doing with you, the next step is the monthly Elite program which goes month-to-month for as long as you need our support to reach your goals. Contact Us Today For An Appointment

Take your game to the next level and overcome the failures that have defined your journey to the present. To become an elite performer, you must learn to succeed when it matters the most. Elite performers learn to use elite tools to develop. The MindSide is the trusted source by countless top-notch athletes across all sports, from frequent PGA Tour winners to numerous high school state champions. Our proven 4-step approach allows us to consistently produce results no matter the athlete’s level.

Professional, collegiate, or high school athlete? We have the plan for you! All you need is the desire to perform to the best of your ability.

The Elite Program Offers:

  • An individualized plan built to improve your performance – based on science, experience, and your unique characteristics.
  • One-on-one consulting based on how you prepare and compete between events, helping you gain the competitive experience to Win Every Moment.
  • One 60-minute session per month – Why? Because Dr. Bhrett McCabe believes strongly that you need time to work the learnings and apply them to your performance. It is expected that you bring questions and areas for improvement to your session.
  • Sessions are conducted in-person in Birmingham, AL, or via phone, FaceTime, or Skype.
  • Regular contact with your mental coach via text and/or email.

It’s time to take the next step, join the Elite!

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Online Academy Training

Full Year Access

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Win Every Moment

Some of the highest achieving individuals, either in sports or in business, encountered specific “moments”. It was how they prepared for each moment, not knowing when it would be presented. It was the strategies they used to excel in those high-intensity moments. It was how they reviewed and reflected upon the outcome and how to continue to grow their performance. Learn to succeed and break free from the struggles and frustrations that are limiting you from achieving your potential with this video series designed to provide the secrets of the world’s best champions. Sign Up For This Online Course

Viruses of Coaching and Teamwork

There are factors that limit our performance every day. Many times, these factors build up to destroy outcomes. The little mistakes become major problems, only damaging the competitor at the core. This series explores those little factors that grow – what Dr Bhrett McCabe refers to as Viruses of The MindSide. Sign Up For This Online Course

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