2019 PGA Show: Insight and Wisdom From Elite Coaches

For all of you golf enthusiasts, I have something a little special for you this week. A couple of weeks ago, my team and I went down to the PGA Show in Orlando. It was so cool to introduce the team to a little bit of what I get to do on a regular basis and interact with the same groups of people. 

Before I go further, a little background info would be needed, I think, for those of you unfamiliar with the PGA Merchandise Show. If you are thinking it is like another sport or business convention, you would be halfway correct. It is those things, but on steroids. It is essentially where all of the leaders in the golf world get together to showcase new equipment, apparel, training aids - if it has to do with golf, it’s there. Since I have been going, it has also become a great place for teachers to come together and share information and ideas. Also, a great place for professional development. 

Capturing The Best Minds in the PGA on One Podcast

During the span of time beginning with the night before the show at the Coaches Forum to the night the show actually ended, I had the opportunity to interview several of the top coaches - like world class, Top 100, and even Top 50 instructors - from all over the world. It was really fascinating to sit with them in their element and have a normal conversation with them. You will hear some background noise since we were in the midst of an exhibit, but I want you to grasp the concepts that these professionals are sharing, the wisdom they bring, and what you can learn and implement not only in your game, but in your life, job, or coaching practice. This is truly audio gold!

Let’s take a look at the lineup for the Best of the PGA Show 2019: