Great coaches know the psychology of their players and understand how to get the most out of their players the RIGHT way. The MindSide will prepare you to be the best influence on your players.

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College athletes are under so many demands and it is likely that they are not living up to their potential. Imagine if their minds could be focused on the task at hand, dominate in the classroom, and win every moment they are in. That would be a powerful, successful student-athlete.

There is a way. There is a process. And it all begins in their mind.

The MindSide College Program is designed specifically to enhance the mental game of your student-athletes, on and off the field. Because each team is unique, so is the program that you will have through The MindSide. We’ve spent countless hours with championship programs including one of the most successful sports teams in NCAA history, The University of Alabama Football team, and Dr. Bhrett McCabe played for one of the most successful collegiate baseball programs too – the LSU Baseball team. Having played and won national championships and contributed to dynasty championship programs shows that we know what it takes.

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High School Team Talks The greatest opportunity in high school sports is the development of the athlete’s mental game. It is often overlooked but not because coaches do not believe it is important, but rather that few trusted resources exist to help out. 

So what would you want as a trusted resource?

  • An organization that was founded by a psychologist that has won national titles?
  • Played on the biggest stages? Knows what the pressure feels like – first hand?
  • An organization that has consulted with national championship programs, winning rings, and hanging banners?
  • An organization that trains the best players in the world, building champions at every level of sport?
  • An organization that is based on the psychological principles of human behavior, the neuroscience of success, and principles of performance optimization?

The MindSide checks those boxes. We simply build champions. And we know how to impact, interact, and influence high school athletes. With in-person delivery and online educational platforms, The MindSide is geared to positively impact your athletes and build the champion in each of your players.

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