Training With The Best

If you’re going to be around the best, then you better know what it takes to train the best. Any time you are in the presence of players, coaches, general managers, and front office executives who are performing on the razor’s edge and doing what it takes to get their best out of everything that they do, we often forget that there are people who stand alongside them that are helping to maximize those impacts. To put yourself out there, to be judged the way that you can be if you maybe don’t know what it takes, and to be someone who fights to get to that spot who envisions themselves in that role, like many of you that are wanting something deep down…really, really wanting something and fighting to get it.

Coach Dana Cavalea is this week’s guest on the Exploring the MindSide podcast. He was a strength & conditioning coach and performance expert for a pretty decent baseball team that you may have heard of - the New York Yankees. He has been a part of a World Series championship team. He has been around the greats like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams, Andy Petitte, Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, and so many more of the all-time great Yankees. When you listen to this podcast, it’s going to make you challenge the way that you do things - the daily habits, overcoming the struggles we all have, and what it takes to push through those struggles to define our future.

Dana is awesome! I just can’t describe it any other way. He has recently published a book, Habits of a Champion. I want you to pick it up.

As you listen, I want you to soak up the lessons of somebody who has trained the best to help you be your best.


“Derek Jeter told me very bluntly - Dana, winning is black & white. You either win or you lose. That’s it.”

- Dana Cavalea

What You Will Learn From this podcast:

·      7:20 - Chasing other people’s “formulas” vs. creating Own routine that is consistent

·      8:14 - Growing up a Yankees fan

·      8:45 - Derek Jeter: You are either a winner or a loser

·      10:46 - Establish a standard of winning to establish a winning culture

·      12:26 - Secret to Derek Jeter: ran his own race and had a routine

·      16:13 - Everyday routine of an MLB player

·      18:50 - Mariano Rivera mental game

·      23:00 - Daily distractions of an MLB player

·      24:50 - getting into the Yankee organization and how he handled the struggle

·      31:35 - The book, Habits of a Champion

·      35:35 - baseball being ruined by PEDs

·      46:25 - Advice for starting a new year