Tom Brady celebrates after winning Super Bowl 53

How Brady and Belichick Changed the Game

The Super Bowl was lame. Sorry, I said it. It was a fun defensive game to watch, I guess. As someone who grew up in South Louisiana and a Saints fan, they should have been in the Super Bowl. It was a travesty but human error exists all the time.

Either way, the game was boring. Honestly, the Patriots are boring too. In 2001-2002, we were living in Providence, RI doing my internship and was around for the start of this Patriots championship dynasty. I vividly remember when Tom Brady took over at quarterback and how he energized the entire region. The fans were there, but many of them would rather attend a Boston Red Sox opening day instead of seeing the Patriots win a Super Bowl. It is amazing how Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have changed the game.


How Brady and Belichick Changed the Game

The dynasty of the Patriots is truly unmatched. Their Super Bowl victories and appearances are unprecedented and doubt they will ever be repeated. Greatness is not for the faint of heart. There have been conflicts, player travesties, suspensions, dramatic off-the-field experiences, and high profile losses. Yet, despite all the drama, they keep pushing forward.


The best of the best do this:

  • They keep pushing forward
  • They learn and apply the learnings
  • They manage drama and work to make things boring
  • They accept outcomes and work to ensure the future outcomes are positive
  • They take what others throw away and make them superstars
  • And best of all… They take what they have and beat you with it over and over and over again.


You have the same choice. The question is… whether or not you will stay the course when it gets hard.