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How to Overcome Circumstances with Mindset

How’s Your Mindset?

Nothing comes easy. While the personal journey to success is littered with failed initiatives, well-meaning attempts, and crystal clear hindsight, the end-game is never the real game. If it were easy, would it be memorable?

In today’s society, the motivational culture that emphasizes prosperity and self-actualization has reinforced the notion that mindset matters. While it never comes easy, success rarely arrives for the unsuspecting or unprepared. It comes to those that believe it will happen, stay the course to see it happen, and above all, maintain a mindset that fuels their efforts.

Success is a dirty process built on navigating a world of doubts, fears, disruptions, and challenges in order to take advantage of the opportunities to achieve your desires. It challenges everything inside you and demands all that you have, requiring you to sacrifice aspects of you that are expendable. For many, it is not worth it. For the select few, they would not have it any other way.

What Separates Them? Mindset.

Mindset is a complicated yet romantically simple concept. It is the interaction of how you perceive the world and the application of your mental perspective in the moment, or interpretation of the event. Think of it like a lens of a camera and the filter that is used after the picture is taken to influence the projection of the image. One aspect of the camera shaped the capture of the image, the perception in the moment of viewing, and the secondary effect of the filter altered the subsequent published projection.

Our mindset does the same thing. For instance, just about everything we perceive in the course of a day is neutral, right? Your reaction to an umpire missing a call may differ based on the timing in which it occurs in a game. In the first inning, you may not be that angry because you believe that you have more time left in the game to overcome the bad call. In the ninth inning, the same bad call may trigger a larger emotional outburst only because the game and your performance have more “urgency.” In both instances, it is the same bad, call but you have a different mindset and interpretation toward the bad call.

Think about a similar situation in your life. Describe a time in which you “over-reacted” to bad news, a difficult decision, or felt that you did not handle the information appropriately.


  • How did you react?
  • What influenced your perception of the experience? Was it your past experiences or concern moving forward?
  • What influenced your interpretation of the event?
  • How could you have interpreted the information differently?
  • What aspect of the experience do you feel was under your control – your mindset, your response, or a combination of both?


Mindset matters. The difficult circumstances we have in our lives are not without influence or impact. Everything that we go through in the course of a day is influenced by either our past experiences or our beliefs about the future. Nothing happens on the road to success without the influence of your mindset.