The Mental Grind Of Overcoming An Injury

“Ninety percent of the whole rehab is mental, You’re doing the same stuff, day after day, that gets tiring. It’s tedious work rehabbing. That was really the whole battle was how do I keep motivation.” – Paul George

The MindSide Academy: Psychology of Sports Injury Online Video Series

“I accepted that I might not get it back. Once you let it go, then you don’t play with the burden of feeling like you lost something. Instead, I gained something because I started to play more with this (mind), and less with my athleticism.” – Kobe Bryant
An On-Demand Video Series Built For Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, And Doctors To Help Your Athletes’ Mental Games Throughout The Recovery Of Their Injuries

Injuries have happened to many of the best athletes of our generation. Tiger Woods. Peyton Manning. Kobe Bryant. Buster Posey. JJ Watt. Adrian Peterson. The list goes on and on. For just XXX, Dr. Bhrett McCabe has put together an online, on-demand video series just for trainers. 16 videos, 5 minutes a piece. This content is built to help your athletes get back to playing at their peak performance.

Learn From Someone That Has Worked With Some of The World’s Best

Dr. Bhrett McCabe is a clinical and sports psychologist from Birmingham, AL. As The University of Alabama Athletics’ sports psychologist, Dr. McCabe is trusted with some of the world’s best athletes by helping them build their confidence back to pre-injury through mental training. Our video series will open up the secrets to getting your players back on the field with confidence.

Learn More About Your Athletes’ Mental Difficulties While Overcoming An Injury

“Football has been everything to me since I was 10 years old. For the past few months, all of that has been taken away. It’s been like a mini-retirement.” – JJ Watt

As an athletic trainer, physical therapist or doctor, you know how to help athletes get physically back to the field, however, do you know what all goes into mentally getting back on the field? There’s a great article about JJ Watt’s mental fortitude to overcome his injuries on The Players’ Tribune. To read more, click “Read More” below. The Psychology of Sports Injury training course can help guide you along the way in understanding the mental struggles of the game as well.

Ready To Learn More About The Mental Game?

Opening night of the 2017 NBA season, Boston Celtics basketball player, Gordon Hayward’s season was over. All the hard work and preparation for the season thrown out the window in only 6 minutes. Kobe Bryant put up this heartfelt post about the experience of a traumatic injury and his advice to Gordon in his hopes to overcome it. Athletes need a “Kobe Bryant” in their corner and in your jobs, you have the ability to do that. Have questions or looking to learn more about the Psychology of Sports Injury video series? Sign up for more information below!

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