Go Back to the Basics

This week's conversation is with JR Martinez. The name may not come to the tip of your tongue, but when you dive into his bio, you realize you've seen him in more places than you think...

1. Best-selling author

2. Wounded US Army veteran

3. Motivational speaker

4. Burn survivor

5. Actor

6. Dancing with the Stars contestant (and winner!)

7. Current college student

What a tremendous story. I want you to pay attention to how he describes how he used his life-changing experience in the Army to refocus and re-dedicate it to helping and serving others. I believe it is an important message to show you CAN be successful despite what you may be going through.

“I have been blessed enough to get a second chance at life and that is what drives me and gives me the passion everyday to live and not being afraid of doing the work.”


What You Will Learn From This Episode:

  • 3:03 - Inspiration for the Military and how he survived

  • 5:30 - “When the real ware began…” - Losing his identity

  • 7:35 - Mentality of recovery - Mental vs. Physical

  • 12:38 - How do you handle the long-term mental trauma

  • 28:10 - Transition to motivational speaking and being a contestant on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars

  • 37:00 - Rehabilitation is WORK; address your mind and work hard to get to it

  • 39:00 - Mr. Accountability

  • 51:00 - Focus on things we can control