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Meighan Julbert
Mental Skills Consultant

Meighan Julbert is a Mental Skills Consultant who has a passion for working with coaches and athletes on gaining a competitive advantage through mental skills training. Meighan holds a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior from The University of Tennessee. During her time there, Meighan was a graduate assistant for the men’s golf team, which graduated players currently playing professionally. She also served as a softball and basketball coach for a private school, where she applied her training as a mental coach to maximize player performance. While an undergraduate at Auburn University, Meighan worked with the men’s basketball team, and as an assistant to the Athletic Director.

Meighan works with athletes on developing their competitive mindset and has spent six years working within and alongside Division I athletics, as well as five years coaching, during which she has developed and implemented educational training programs that have shown to enhance performance.

Meighan is passionate about coaching development and implementing programs to help competitors and coaches expand their potential. From her own experiences in softball and competitive cheer to serving as a coach, Meighan can help athletes who are looking to gain a mental edge.

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