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Online and on-demand mental game training developed by Dr. Bhrett McCabe, clinical and sports psychologist. Users will immediately receive instant access to over 100+ videos and 10+ hours of content in The MindSide Academy library for a full year. Get full access today!

Stop Choking Under Pressure Video

I hear it all the time from players - "Doc, I had a great round going, but I choked coming down the stretch when pressure started to mount". Why does this happen? How do you fix it? This video answers those questions. Let The MindSide help you stop choking under pressure!

Elite Program

Take your game to the next level and overcome the failures that have defined your journey to the present. To become an elite performer, you must learn to succeed when it matters the most. Whether you are a professional, collegiate, or high school athlete, we have the plan for you! You’ll receive one-on-one consulting, an individualized plan, and regular contact with your mental coach to help you succeed!

Exploring The MindSide podcast

Exploring The MindSide is a weekly podcast hosted by clinical and sports psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, and is focused on examining the secrets, challenges, and foundations of human performance as experienced through the lives of some of the world’s best. Each week, Dr. McCabe interviews a guest who has experienced performance success or displayed amazing resiliency in their life or a world-renowned content expert who listeners can learn from on issues relevant to their lives. The podcast brings you stories of excellence, mental strength, and courage.