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As a renowned sports & performance psychologist, some of the best athletes in the world bring their performance problems to me. I solve them and get them back in the win column!

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Are Any Of These Issues Derailing Your Performance?


Fear of Failure?

Lack of Self-Belief and Confidence?

Fear and Doubt?

Not living up to expectations?

Performance Anxiety?

I can help. It’s what I do!

Some of the most decorated, accomplished athletes bring me all of their performance-related issues. Together, we will identify your strengths and enhance them. We will also identify areas for improvement and create a personalized plan to ensure that you will perform at your highest level!  

We can break free from Suckville in a couple different ways…

If you’re in the Birmingham, Alabama area, come on by the office.

If not, no problem! We also offer Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom video conferencing. 

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You’re the hero in the story.  I’m here to guide you!

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