Developing Top 100 Golf Coaches

Mike Adams
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Instructor

Mike Adams is a nationally renowned golf instructor known as the “Swing Dr” who has been teaching the game of golf for over 33 years. One of the most sought after instructors in the country, Mike has dedicated his life to improving the game of golf for all levels of golfers.


Mike has been listed on every GOLF Magazine Top 100 Instructor and Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher list that has ever been produced. He has written and co-written 18 golf instruction  books, including two GOLF Magazine Instruction Books of the Year: Play Better Golf and The LAWs of the Golf Swing. In addition, Mike organized and help edit the Best Putting Instruction Book Ever and recently completed the Best Driving Instruction Book Ever. He is the creator of the the LAWs of Golf, a philosophy to help golfers of all levels find a swing that is customized to their physical build.


The thing that drew me to golf was that it’s all individual. The amount of time YOU put in determines how good you’re going to be.


He has taught USGA Champions, PGA and LPGA Touring pros including: Chris Deforrest,  Briny Baird, Michael Simms, Scott Langley, Brett Wetterich, Mark Brooks, Hank Kuehne, Bob Estes, Trip Kuehne, Betsy King, Rosie Jones, Belen Mozo, Nicole Hage and Kelli Kuehne.


Mike has also instructed 4 presidents: George H. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Gerald Ford. Celebrities have also sought out Mike’s instruction including Willie Nelson, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicholson. Jim Palmer, Whitey Ford, Mike Schmidt and Keanu Reeves.


Known as the ‘Teacher of Teachers’ , he has helped mentor, train, influence and develop 20 current members of the GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher List: including: Mike McGetrick (PGA National Teacher of the Year), Mike Bender (PGA National Teacher of the year), Krista Dunton (LPGA National Teacher of the Year), Brian Mogg, Jerry King, Mark Hackett, Mark Steinbauer, Don Sargent and Scott Munroe to name a few.

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0:50 – How Mike got into the golf industry from playing other sports growing up


1:45 – What drew Mike to golf?


3:00 – Being an innovator in the golf industry by utilizing biomechanics early on


3:35 – Current state of golf coaching and teaching and what he would do to improve that


6:20 – Three main characteristics that Mike sees in great players


8:45 – What made Tiger Woods mental game universally unmatched?


9:40 – Being around the best players in the world and what they did to improve their weaknesses


12:45 – What you need to do to prepare to play your best golf


14:10 – Why Butch Harmon is the ultimate coach


15:10 – Advice to coaches who want to break into the Top 100


16:15 – Mike’s coaching philosophy and how he approaches player development


19:00 – How Mike has continued to sharpen his mind and tools for teaching players

Golf is not about looking pretty. It’s about shooting low numbers.
Technology has made golf instruction better. Trackman and FlightScope have made huge advancements in teaching. Smart2Move and Swing Catalyst became another huge advantage. Being able to use the technology is another set of eyes.

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