Modern Day Coaching Development

Jeremy “Sheets” Sheetinger
College Director – American Baseball Coaches Association

Modern Day Coaching Development

Our guest this week is a baseball guy at heart, but this podcast is about so much more than baseball. It’s about coaching, regardless of sport. It’s about developing players. Building relationships. Developing championship cultures through a shared vision and language. Coaches developing other coaches to grow their respective games.


This week’s guest on the Secrets to Winning is the College Director of the American Baseball Coaches Association, Jeremy Sheetinger. “Sheets”, as he is more commonly referred to in coaching circles, is a leader in coaching development in the game of baseball, especially at the collegiate level. He is also one of the masterminds behind the biggest collection of collegiate baseball coaches in one place every single year, the ABCA National Coaches Convention.


“You’ve got to use language that people can relate to. Over time, it becomes THEIR language.”


A former collegiate coach in the SEC and other Division I schools, Sheets has created a model in which all sports can utilize to grow their respective games through education, engagement, and the sharing of ideas and systems.

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Our conversation centered around creating value in a player’s life, increasing your coaching brand presence, developing consistent language in your organization, identifying commonalities between great coaches in all sports, and gaining trust and buy-in amongst today’s generation of athlete. It is tremendous information for coaches of all ages to continue to grow and enhance their process, continue to enhance player development, and so much more!


3:40 – Creating undeniable value within your role in an organization


7:00 – Enhancing coaching development through an increased brand presence


 8:30 – The language you communicate needs to be understood and relatable


 10:20 – Coaches that Sheets revered and some personal experiences as to why


17:30 – Coaching legends who provide a great perspective from other sports


21:00 – Identifying the commonalities amongst elite coaches – their processes are all very similar


26:30 – Are high school sports in trouble because of the growth of “travel ball” organizations


34:00 – The issue of sport specialization and why playing multiple sports aids in athlete development


39:00 – Having had conversations with some of the most respected coaches in sports, what would Sheets do differently if he were to go back and coach?


 47:00 – How to appreciate the importance of parents in a player’s life


52:00 – Communicating with parents so that they can become your biggest asset


58:30 – Leading and coaching a new generation of athletes


1:03:00 – Sheets sitting down with legendary Florida State head coach Mike Martin


1:07:30 – If Sheets was the commissioner of college baseball, what would he do to make the game better?

“Greatness doesn’t stop when everyone else checks out. In order to achieve some big time things, you have got to be willing to sacrifice other things.”

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