My Perspective on Elite Performance

Bhrett McCabe
Elite Performance Psychologist, Speaker, Author

This week on The Secrets to Winning, we have a bit of a unique situation. First off, here’s a little backstory. A couple of months ago one of my good buds – a former PGA Tour player – said to me “You’ve got some amazing guests on your show, and I’ve learned a ton from listening every week. But one thing I feel like I’m missing is YOUR perspectives. You do a good job of integrating your ideas into the conversation, but you’re respectful of other people’s platforms so you don’t want to take their attention. But I want to hear from YOU.”


So I listened to that advice, and this episode we flipped the script. I am the guest, and interviewing me is good friend Ryan Brown, a former collegiate golfer and now is a sports radio host for one of the largest and most listened to sports talk shows in the country. Ryan asks me the hard-hitting questions that I usually ask our guests.


This was such a fascinating conversation because we dove into so many topics, and you will get MY viewpoint. My hope is that it will shed a little light on some of my philosophies, content, and performance strategies I share with the players, coaches, and business leaders that I work with.  If you want to know what it takes to be an elite performer from the perspective of Bhrett McCabe, you are in the right place!


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