The Competition Behind The Bachelorette

Garrett Powell
Contestant, Season 15 of The Bachelorette

PGA Golf Professional

What Was It Really Like On The Bachelorette?

Reality shows in this country are massive. It seems like they consume the primetime slots of network television across all stations. As a psychologist, I am a huge fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series’. Whether you watch them or not (more than likely you do, whether you want to admit it or not), I think these are the best two shows on human behavior and competition that have ever been created.


Our guest on this week’s episode is Garrett Powell, someone who has experienced all of the craziness that is The Bachelorette first-hand as a contestant this past season (season 15). In real life, Garrett is a PGA Tour Professional at Shoal Creek Golf Club in Birmingham, Alabama, one of the finest private clubs in the United States.


The whole show is a psychology experiment. I found out I made the show six days before it started. The first four days they isolate you in a hotel by yourself. They take your phone away. It’s kinda wild.


During this episode, I wanted to get Garrett’s perspective on the show and how, when the camera lights come on, the competition really starts. We have heard all of the stories and we have read all of the internet fodder, but what was it really like?


Make no mistake, Garrett Powell lays it all out on the table. He gives his real, raw, first-hand account of everything you saw on TV, and gives you insight as to what went on behind the scenes. If you are a Bachelor or Bachelorette fan, you will definitely enjoy this one!

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2:40 – The psychology experiment that is The Bachelor and Bachelorette series’


4:20 – The point when Garrett switched from not caring to having feelings


6:00 – The negative parts of the show you don’t see on TV


8:00 – The bond Garrett formed with the other guys (minus Luke P.)


9:15 – The mindset Garrett took throughout the show


12:30 – How do contestants separate from work for that long?


14:20 – How can 30 good looking dudes not find girlfriends?!


15:30 – What was it like watching yourself on TV?


16:45 – Did producers villianize Luke P. or was that who he really is?


23:30 – After the show, how can you tell who is there for the right reasons?


25:30 – What happens when you get sent home?


35:00 – The pros and cons of celebrity appearances


38:40 – How the show has indirectly helped Garrett’s career


43:25 – Did the show change Garrett? If so, was it for the better?

You had to be careful with the producers. When the cameras were off, they were nice and your buddy. But when the cameras were on, they had a job to do, and they were very good at their job.
After the show, it’s tough to tell who’s real and who’s not. Who is there for Garrett and who is there for the Garrett that got dumped on TV?

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