The Role of Coaching in Player Development

Dr. Bhrett McCabe

For this week’s episode of The Secrets to Winning I want to take you inside one of my talks. I recently spoke to a large group of collegiate and high school coaches at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Barnstormers Clinic focusing on what you can do as a coach – a leader of a program or organization – when coaching today’s generation of athlete. How can you get the most out of these young people? What buttons can you press and what buttons can you not press in order to motivate?


As a coach, there's nothing more powerful or impactful than helping an individual find their strengths and bringing out their best while empowering them to take on every challenge that they have in their life.


There’s nothing more powerful in what I do with the mental game than helping an individual find who they are, find their strengths within themselves, and then learn how to take on every challenge that they have in their life. What I care about is the type of player and competitor you are and the type of person you become off the field (or whatever competitive environment you compete). What I want you to understand is the true essence of the mental game is about leading and developing the individual because we are all different from a psychological standpoint. What motivates me is not what motivates you. My fears and doubts are not the same as yours. Your job as a coach – as a leader –  is  to develop a system and a process to help people excel and reach excellence based on their skillset. That’s the “psychological fingerprint” that we all have.


The question I ask every coach is, “How are your players going to view you five years from now?” Are they going to say that coach so-and-so taught me about who I am, put me in challenging environments to learn more about myself, or put me through trials and tribulations, but gave me a safety net to do it. Or, are you going to allow this generation to blame you? Because when they struggled, you didn’t have a solution for them. Ultimately, at the end of the day, your job is to develop your players so that they look back and go, “Yeah, I’m a better person and player becasue that guy was my coach.”

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