The Game Plan: Managing Your Champ & Chump

The Game Plan: Managing Your Champ & Chump


In The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset, author and noted clinical and sports psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe challenged readers to declare their beliefs for their future by establishing their own manifesto. Through a comprehensive review of the psychology behind success and the barriers that stand in the way of elite performance, Dr. McCabe shared many of the lessons he learned as an athlete as well as those learned through his daily interaction with the world’s best athletes. Throughout The MindSide Manifesto, one thing was clear- in order to obtain the level of success so many desire, you must identify the pathway to form a plan to make it happen. This pathway is laid out for you in The Game Plan workbook through a systematic understanding of how each person creates their success. The Game Plan workbook helps you pull together thoughts to cultivate your personal manifesto to find your own pathway to excellence.

The Game Plan workbook is the first in a series of introspective workbooks designed as a training tool with practical and insightful exercises to help you define and realize your true manifesto. By engaging in a deeper understanding of your self-image, your manifesto will not only become crystallized but reflect your true desires, strengths, and opportunities. It is not an easy task to explore the thoughts, feelings, and desires for success, but it is necessary to establish a plan that can be achieved and drive the results that you desire. The Game Plan workbook is a necessity for individuals who want to take their game to the next level and perform at their best.

The Game Plan workbook introduces you to the two aspects of your confidence – the champion self (Champ) and the fearful, sabotaging self (Chump). By the end of this workbook, the reader will be able to let Champ do the work and learn to put Chump back on the bench.

Lace up your shoes, get your eye-black on, chalk up your hands, and get ready for the challenge!

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