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Dr. Bhrett McCabe's Elite Journal - Exclusive OfferTruly elite performers review their days in a systematic way, while those who are unsuccessful fail to do so. The process of critically reviewing your day or event takes discipline as well as directed focus to highlight the learnings and filter the clutter. It has been my experience that when elite performers regularly review their habits and actions throughout the day, they are able to remove many of the fears, doubts, and insecurities that get in the way of confidence.


Those who allow the emotion of the moment to guide their decision-making are constantly trying to fix problems, overcome weaknesses, and avoid difficulty. When emotion guides your decision-making process, it can have very risky implications. Engaging in journaling and an active review allows you to separate your emotion from the reality of your performance.


This journal was designed to give you a way to track your progress in a systematic way. Take time each morning to plan your day and you will feel more confidence, feel less stress which improves the quality of your day, and have a great sense of accomplishment when the day is complete.

The total investment may only take 10 minutes, but the return is well worth the time!

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