The Mindside Academy

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What our clients say

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“Dr. Bhrett McCabe and The MindSide have had a deep and lasting impact on not only our program, but also my growth as a leader. Dr. McCabe has given our players and myself intentional concepts to practice and integrate into our team everyday…”

John Brannon – Head Coach Northern Kentucky Basketball

2016-17 Horizon League Conference Tournament Champions and NCAA Tournament Team
2017-18 Horizon League Regular Season Champions

John Brannon – Head Coach Northern Kentucky Basketball

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In this presentation, Dr. Bhrett McCabe will teach you how to meet the moments in your sport and/or life with authority and success to Win Every Moment. Each challenge and opportunity in your life, sport, and business is ultimately defined by how you meet the moment. In today’s highly competitive world, those who learn to meet the moment and find the pathway to victory compete in a different game than those continuing to fall short of their goals and aspirations. To Win Every Moment, it takes a mindset of purpose, perseverance, and most significantly, belief.

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