Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s Tour Experience

Every golfer has been there. Tee shot wide right into the woods. Try to hit a miraculous, hole saving shot that goes off of a tree and stays in the woods. Punch out to the fairway to a yardage between clubs. Shot to 25 feet. Putt for bogey. Miss the putt. Double bogey.

It can be frustrating, especially when you think back and realize that you were just a mental decision away from potentially saving par. Good news for you. Dr. Bhrett McCabe, clinical sports and performance psychologist for many of the top PGA Tour Players, would like to help guide you through your mental approach by giving you the Tour Experience.

What: Lunch, Range and Putting Work, 18 Holes of Golf with Dr. Bhrett McCabe
Who: Four Elite Golfers Looking to Take Their Game to the Next Level
When: September 9th at 12:30 pm
Where: Birmingham, AL
Cost: $675

Receive The Same Coaching As PGA Tour Players

Over the last year, Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s PGA Tour clients have won over $10M on Tour.

Dr. Bhrett McCabe, clinical sports and performance psychologist, has worked with ample professional golfers throughout his career; and today, he is offering YOU the opportunity to have the Tour Experience! The day will start with lunch, where Dr. Bhrett will talk through “The MindSide” of elite athletes, what he does with his Tour Players, and answer any questions you may have about improving your mental game. After lunch, you will hit the range and putting green to hear first-hand from Dr. Bhrett as he coaches you through the same strategies he uses with his tour players. You’ll wrap up the day by enjoying 18 holes on one of the nicest courses in the country while you continue to learn from the Doc himself!

Learn to Think Differently

Throughout your Tour Experience, you will be challenged by the way you think about each shot. As you see in the video above, Dr. Bhrett will be along with you to talk about the approach of each shot. Have a question? You have access to him throughout your entire round.

Learn to Practice Differently

How do you currently practice? Do you go to the range with a plan to warm-up? Or do you go out there and hope that you warm-up the right way to play well? Dr. Bhrett will help you prepare like the Tour Players do. He will challenge your current views on warming up for your round.

Trusted Nationally

Dr. Bhrett McCabe has been featured on the Golf Channel and has written articles in Golf Magazine and Golf Digest.