Win Every Moment


3 Phases to Perform Like a Champion

My online video course to help athletes prepare for high-pressure moments, thrive and dominate in those moments, and how to accurately review performance to improve.

“Perfect for any athlete, coach, or parent who is looking to get an athlete to perform at the highest levels in competition “

What if I told you that you only get one shot – that winning and losing all comes down to a simple choice?

That choice is whether to embrace the high-intensity, high-pressure moments or continue to be stuck in the same patterns of average. All competitors have defining moments. These defining moments are what our careers are measured by and shape the life of an athlete, team, or organization. The only problem is we can’t predict the future to know when these moments are going to happen! We must be prepared to meet each moment with the intent to not only win it, but to DOMINATE it!

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Allow your athletes to become the champions they were meant to become through the Win Every Moment series. They will think less, play more free and aggressive, and become champions!

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Additional PDF resources are attached to several videos to help you stay engaged and become the champion you were destined to become!

3 Phases of the Win Every Moment Course

— Course Topics —

Preparing For The Moment (12 Videos)

What is the Moment?
The Success Formula
Planning Out Your Practice
The Learning Curve
Importance of Routines
Developing Belief 
What Robs Belief?
Mimicking the Moment
Failure Drills
Staying Within Your Abilities
Trusting Your Preparation

Meeting The Moment (15 Videos)

Secrets From The Greats
Handling High Intensity Moments
The Gladiator Mentality
Focusing Under Pressure
Slowing the Game Down
Process Over Outcome
Control the Controllables
Emptying the Effort Tank
Champ vs. Chump
When Doubt Floods Your Mind
Paralysis by Analysis
Managing the Riptide
Trusting Your Preparation – Part II
The Closer Mentality

Reviewing The Moment (12 Videos)

After Action Reviews
What Contributed to Success
Moving to Mastery
Growing Confience & Competing
What Went Wrong? 5 Key Factors Contributing to Success
What Happens with Failure
Choking: What Happens and Why?
Get Off The Struggle Bus
Dealing with Critics
Managing Success
Taking the Next Step
You Just Won The Moment!

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